By Melanie A. Katzman, PhD Hardcover, 302 pages, 2020. McGraw-Hill

All of us need to work well with others to have a meaningful and successful career.

“CEOs or fresh graduates, office workers or telecommuters—regardless of role, all seek security, cherish praise, and fear shame. We care and we want to matter.”

“This shouldn’t be surprising news. But what is shocking is how often we forget that our colleagues are people just like us.”

It’s easy to forget that humans run a business. In our effort to be professional, we may overlook the personal interactions that we all crave. In essence, we choose to do business with people we like. So how do we become likable?

Expert business psychologist and consultant gives us specific ways we can improve our relations with peers, bosses, and teams at work. 

Seven sections tackle the essentials: Establish respect, Share Knowledge, Become Popular, Grow Loyalty, Resolve Conflict, Fight Fear, Have a Big Impact.  It seems natural to know all these, but it’s not.

“I’ve witnessed how being “natural” at work just doesn’t come naturally.”

Dr Katzman goes beyond the basics of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” from her 20 years of coaching executives and advising multinationals. 

In each chapter, she targets specific issues commonly encountered in business relations and counters them with specific effective actions. Like what to do if your peers view you as cold and unapproachable? An easy solution is to take the time to chat with your officemates on your way to the restroom.

She gives actual executive dilemmas and how she helped her clients resolve them. Very helpful for top tier business leaders and managers.

Concise and compassionate, Dr Katzman backs up her strategies with research and real case studies that illustrate how her advice works.

“I wrote this book to show you how work can be imbued with joy and meaning—to empower you to achieve success and significance.”